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Happy Lunar New Year!!!!!!
Just a few more hours, it'll be New Year Eve in Vietnam XD 

Although I'm not really excited about it like when I was a child, I still want to write sth to summarise what happened in this year ^^

First and also the most important event in this year is that I've changed my university from Vietnamese National University to RMIT. At the beginning, I didn't want to change since I want to study with my friends, I didn't want to be far away from them, I did it just because of my parents. However, after some classes, I made new friends, they are so kind and I really like them. So it's not bad after all :D

Secondly, I created a LJ account. Before that, I never thought that I could like reading fics especially yaoi fics. But I changed my mind completely after I had read several fics about Ryopi. They're great, now I cant help but reading all Ryopi fics or Pin fics I found in LJ. When I told my friends about my new hobby, they said I was so sick =.=' but whatever they said I cant stop myself doing that ^.^

The last thing, it's really sad to me :(( One of my favourite Liverpool's players, Fernando Torres has moved to Chelsea few days ago. I feel like I was betrayed by his action. He's a great player, one of the best in the world. He scored many goals for Liverpool, making Liverpudlians proud of him. We loved him with all our heart, we always supported him even when he couldnt score any goals in months and now when Liverpool need him the most, he moved away, going to one of the Liverpool's biggest rivals. So all of his words, his promises that he loved Liverpool, he would stay and go through this difficult period with the club were just lies. At this moment, I dont hate him, how can I hate a person that I used to love so much 1 week ago, but I cant say I wish him would succeed with his new club. Torres, sorry but from now on you will be a stranger in Alfield and you'll walk alone forever. 

This year I cant say it's a good or bad year for me since too much things happened. I hope the next year will be better :D All my loves, Wang Lee Hom, NEWS, CN Blue and Liverpool will have a successful year and of course all my friends, too.

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hellooooo (^^)/

umm, daijoubu yo, i believe you'll happy with your new friends..

but, fufufu, i think you shouldn't talk about yaoi/BL stuffs around normal people, *gomen ne m(_ _)m*, it's must be weird, heheh :D

*cough-but i'll happy if you talk about RYOPI around me,coz i'm RYOPIlover, XD-cough*

Happy Rabbit Year!

Hi Fechan ^^

Yeah, now I'm pretty happy with my new friends and new university :D

and when I need someone to talk about Ryopi I'll find you, is it ok? ;))

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