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A rainy night...
 At this moment, it's pouring here, in Hanoi. My plan was canceled because of that so I just stay at home, sitting in front of my laptop to listen to music :( And now, I'm listening to a CNBLUE's song, Teardrops in the rain. It's a beautiful song sung by JongHyun's warm voice, even his English is not really good, it's still one of my favorite songs :) This song and others CNBLUE's songs in their first mini album "Now or never" are the reason why I love them so much. Now, their music has changed a little and sometimes it makes me wonder if I still like them. At those moments, I always listen to their first album and my love for them is full again ^^ I' m looking forward to their official debut in Japan since their music in Japan is always better than their Korean music, it's weird, right?

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Poor Min-chan you cancelled your trip. my you like also CN Blue, I love Shin Woo there. He is from Your beautiful right

You know CNBLUE, too? wow, I'm so happy XD and yes, Yonghwa played Shinwoo role in You're beautiful. I know him and CNBLUE after watching that drama ^^

I like him in that drama too before I know his band.

Rona-chan, do you use Facebook? If you have an account, I want to add you as my friend ^^

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